Not Much Opportunity for Sledding

Not Much Opportunity for Sledding

Heavy rains on Friday made for a soggy snowfall on Saturday.

It was unusually quiet last Saturday morning after the snowfall. Sledding hills were empty, and not many people were out and about. It appears that the first snowfall of the season, at least in this area, was a bust.

Although it snowed quite a bit Friday night and Saturday morning, the heavy rains during the day on Friday made for such soggy ground that most of the snow soaked into it. The little snow that managed to stick on top covered a quagmire of mud and puddles of water. Sledders quickly found out that this was not the prime condition for sledding and disappointed, turned home, covered with mud.

A FEW enterprising children tried to build some jumps on one of the paths leading down to West Boulevard, but even they were thwarted in their efforts. A few snowmen were found here and there in front yards, although many of them had a considerable amount of mud mixed in with them.

The good news was that roads were quickly cleared, and driveways and paths barely needed to be shoveled.