Police Investigate Abduction, Sexual Relations With an Inmate

Police Investigate Abduction, Sexual Relations With an Inmate

Former sheriff’s deputy may have victimized others.

Alexandria police arrested Eric L. Mayo, 33, last week and charged him with abduction and carnal knowledge of a prisoner by a correctional officer.

These offenses occurred during the spring and fall of 2002, while Mayo was employed as a deputy for the Alexandria Office of Sheriff.

Mayo is charged with two counts of each offense for victimizing two inmates. Detectives indicated they were concerned that there may be additional victims who were assaulted by Mayo while he was assigned to the Work Release Program at the Sheriff’s Office and Alexandria Detention Center.

Mayo, a resident of 9002 Fox Park Road in Clinton, Md., was no longer employed by the Alexandria Sheriff at the time of his arrest. He is currently being held in the Alexandria jail on a $10,000 bond.

Anyone who has information regarding Mayo or anyone who may have been victimized is asked to contact Detective Sandra Hein of the Criminal Investigations Section at 703-838-4025.