At Park View

At Park View

This week at Park View, the Sportsmanship Advisory Council has been busy at work, brainstorming ways to make money. The council needs the money to host a recognition breakfast and hand out awards to the captains of the winters sports and winners of the sportsmanship award during the week. Also, during the official Sportsmanship week of Jan. 5, the eight members of the council will be awarding one member from the home and visiting basketball teams with an award for displaying outstanding sportsmanship during the game.

The winners will receive a ribbon and a card which they also need to raise money to make. They are currently making money by selling 50/50 raffle tickets and holding a half-court shot contest at every home basketball game. The council is planning on doing the raffle and contests until they have enough money to cover everything. The council is led by Lauren Johnson, along with Julia Dominquez, Melissa Miller, Eric Pankau, Alex Leap and Lynne Ellison.

On Dec. 9 and 10, interim academic reports were sent home to parents. Students who are failing classes or have low grades will automatically get one sent home, however, any parent can call the guidance office and request an interim in any class for their child.

This week also saw many events such as the Foreign Language Holiday Fest and the Band Concert on Thursday, Dec. 11. Winter sports kicked off this week as well. Gymnastics held a met on Monday with Stonebridge and Washington Lee in which they placed second. The boys and girls basketball teams both had multiple games this week and have started off great, winning games on Tuesday night. To help jump start the season, there was a winter pep rally held on Friday which featured the winter cheerleaders performing along with the dance team and each of the captains giving the crowd a little preview of the teams for the winter season. The spirit stick was awarded to the junior class, but the whole gym shook with excitement from the Patriots.