Vienna Councilman Runs for Delegate Seat

Vienna Councilman Runs for Delegate Seat

Amid several of his fellow Council members, Vienna Town Councilman Michael "Mike" Polychrones announced last week his decision to seek the Republican nomination for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 35th District.

In seeking to run for the House of Delegates, Polychrones will not seek re-election to the Town Council in May. Polychrones has served three terms on the Council since 1996.

"I will vote as a common-sense conservative if the voters send me to Richmond," Polychrones said.

The 35th District is currently held by Del. Jeannemarie Devolites (R), who is expected to run for state Senate. Devolites has yet to make a formal announcement regarding any election race.

Polychrones stated that his goals will include changing Virginia's transportation funding formula to bring more money into Northern Virginia and increasing the level of educational funding.

He also said that he opposes higher taxes to bring down the state's deficit. Instead, he cited his experience with the town's budget as his guideline for trimming.

"You need to make clear your budget, what your constituents' priorities are ... you fund those priorities ... whatever is left, you give back," Polychrones said.

When asked why he's running now, Polychrones replied that the time is right. In addition to his Council membership, Polychrones mentioned his chairmanship of the Legislative Committee of the Virginia Municipal League, as well as his experience working as an aide to former state Del. Dick Fisher.

The announcement, made in the Town Council’s chambers on Feb. 4, marks Polychrones' second attempt to run for the office. In 1996, he won the GOP primary but lost the election. Since last running, Polychrones said that his Council tenure has taught him to listen to both sides of an issue.

"As long as you treat them fairly, hear them, understand them," Polychrones said.

Vienna mayor Jane Seeman, one of Polychrones' endorsers, said she supported Polychrones because of his experience at the local level.

"The fact that he is a local elected official would be tremendous ... he understands the problems that exist at this level," Seeman said in an interview after the announcement.

Polychrones, a sixth-generation Virginian, lives in Vienna with his wife, Patti. An Oakton High School graduate, he attended Virginia Commonwealth University and currently serves as vice president and state manager for Colchester Hunt Title & Escrow Inc., a title insurance and mortgage banking firm.