A New Home for Priests at Good Shepherd

A New Home for Priests at Good Shepherd

Father George J. Griffin, Father Alexander R. Drummond and Father Jesus Navarrete are closer to God's house as of this week. They left their current residence on Wessynton Way and moved into their newly built residence located right on the grounds of Good Shepherd Catholic Church.

The priests of Good Shepherd had been living in a home on Wessynton Way for many years, but it was a family home, not specifically designed for priests. Thomas Rampe, chair of the facilities committee, said that this new residence is more suited to the lifestyle of individual priests, with each priest having his own suite. He also said that the diocese likes to have the priests on parish grounds whenever possible.

While priests will continue to do their ministries at the church offices, there is a parlor lounge where a priest could meet with a parishioner in case of emergency.

Good Shepherd selected David Gallagher as the architect for the home. He was the same architect who designed the church. The stones around the base of the home blend nicely with the stone wall in the church gardens.

BEFORE THE PRIESTS moved in, parishioners were treated to a tour after last Sunday's masses. Joann Manzek greeted visitors as they explored the spacious new quarters. Because of her experience in interior design, she was asked by the facilities committee to do the color scheme and select the carpeting, wall covering and window treatments. She said that she decided to use a blend of greens because it tied into the green used inside the church.

Some of the furniture was brought over from the other house, but Manzek said that she needed to purchase some new furniture. Not all of the furniture has been delivered yet and some finishing touches still need to be done; however the house already looks like itís lived in.

"I feel good that the priests will enjoy their new home," said Manzek.