Bias Symbol in Snow Alarms Police

Bias Symbol in Snow Alarms Police

On the crest of the new fallen snow in Larry Edwards' yard in North Springfield, a swastika mysteriously appeared, raising neighbors’ and police concerns about the potential of a racial or bias incident.

Edwards, a 34-year veteran of the Ravensworth Farms neighborhood, wasn't alarmed, though. It was in his side yard.

"Kids, that's all I can figure," he said. "I've lived here 34 years, and I never had a problem," he said.

Edwards is not Jewish and didn't know anyone around that was. He was surprised at the way the police handled it, with utmost seriousness. The symbol faced a house across the street where a young woman lives. Edwards thought she might have called.

"I think the woman across the street called them [police]. They took it very seriously," he said.

A neighbor on the other side, who didn't want to give her name, saw the Fairfax County Police respond to the call Wednesday, Feb. 19.

"I didn't see them question anybody, they were looking around," she said.

She was not aware of any racial incidents in the neighborhood, either, but noticed teen-agers the next night, Thursday, Feb. 20.

"A lot of teen-agers were out late last night. I think it's just kids screwing around," she said.

Edwards noted the straight lines and round circle and thought they might have done it with a spray-paint can. He did speak to the police officers investigating the scene.

"He wanted to know if there were guys with their heads shaved and all," he said.

Fairfax County Police spokesperson Jody Donaldson said this was not related to any other incidents in the area but "just this one, it is still under investigation," he said.