Man Convicted of Sexual Abuse

Man Convicted of Sexual Abuse

Sixty-five year-old Charles Franklin Harland has been convicted of three counts of sexually abusing two young boys who were in his care.

After listening to the testimony of both brothers, now ages nine and eleven, an Alexandria jury convicted Harland of one count of forcible sodomy and two counts of sexual battery in incidents that occurred in the city between 1998 and 2001.

The boys were left in Harland’s care when their mother was incarcerated. After his arrest in May, 2002, police released information about Harland and asked other victims to come forward as he had provided care for a number of children in the past three decades.

“No one came forward as a result of that request but another victim did come forward when her father saw Harland’s name on the docket at the courthouse one day,” said Assistant Commonwealth Attorney, Roger Canaff who prosecuted Harland’s case. “That victim was allegedly abused in the 1970s. The case will come to court later this month.”

Harland faces life in prison on the current convictions. “Both boys did a good job in a very difficult situation,” Canaff said.

Sentencing is scheduled for late February.