Proposed Boundary Changes for Andrew Chapel

Proposed boundary changes recommend that these neighborhoods from four existing elementary schools attend the new school at the Andrew Chapel site in September:

• Forestville Elementary School: Springvale Road, Carpers Farm, Colvin Glen and Falls Park Estates subdivision areas;

• Great Falls Elementary School: The area north of Route 7 and east of Forestville Meadows Lane that is south of Hickory Run stream, and the area west of Walker Road, south of Georgetown Pike and west of Difficult Run;

• Spring Hill Elementary School: The area west of Towlston Road between Route 7 and Old Dominion Drive, and the area south of Route 7 west of Wolftrap Run Road (including both sides of WolfTrap Run Road);

• Westbriar Elementary School: The area north of Route 7 and the Middleton and Blueberry Hill subdivisions;

• Gifted and Talented (GT) Center students from the Great Falls and proposed Andrew Chapel attendance areas would be assigned to the new elementary school;

• Also, the Beach Mill Road area between Utterback Store Road and Seneca Road, and the Seneca Road area north of Beach Mill Road and Brockman Lane, would be reassigned from Forestville Elementary School to Great Falls Elementary.