Animal Shelter Has Purr-fect Adoption Plan

Animal Shelter Has Purr-fect Adoption Plan

There's a month and a week for everything and anything, but what about cats who need a home?

This year, the Loudoun County Animal Shelter declares June as Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month. The Animal Shelter joins the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the society's on-line adoption partner,, in the declaration.

"Our animal shelter, like every animal shelter in the world, has too many cats," said Timothy "Tim" Crum, director of the Department of Animal Care and Control. "Anything we can do to promote the adoption of cats will save lives and reduce unnecessary euthanasia of cats."

Future cat owners who adopt a cat this month will receive a set of ceramic bowls and a framable adoption certificate. Throughout the month, poster art will illustrate the diversity of cats available at the shelter and trivia boards will offer trivia questions and provide interesting facts on cats.

As usual, adoption counselors will be on hand to help visitors find a new feline friend.

"Wacky kittens, adventuresome adolescents, captivating young adults and mature hedonistic comfort-seeking cats of all ages await the perfect match-up," according to a statement from the Department of Animal Care and Control.

The cost to adopt a cat ranges from $10 for a cat who is already spayed or neutered to $50 for an un-neutered male and $60 for un-spayed female.

The Animal Shelter is sponsoring cat drawing, art and photography contests this month. The entries are due to the Animal Shelter by Friday, June 27. Anyone interested in entering the contest can pick up the official rules at the shelter.

"We want the kids to think about cats and what cats mean to them," Crum said.

The winners in each category will be announced on June 30.