West Potomac Holds A Prom

West Potomac Holds A Prom

Theme: “A Night on the Town”

The West Potomac prom was delayed last Saturday night because of a bomb threat. According to Arlington County police, the Hilton Hotel received a call indicating that there was a bomb in the hotel at around 9 p.m. on Saturday, May 31, just as the prom was set to begin.

The hotel, which is located at 2299 Jefferson Davis Highway in Crystal City, was evacuated by Arlington County police and a canine unit from the Federal Protective Police searched the premises. After a thorough search, when nothing was found, police allowed guests and prom guests back into the building and the prom began. The prom was extended to 2 a.m. instead of 1 a.m. because of the delay.

"I think the Hilton handled the matter just fine, said Henry Johnson, West Potomac's principal. "They evacuated the entire building and brought in the dogs. We were outside approximately 30-45 minutes. Fortunately, it was at the beginning of our prom so not many students were affected."

Johnson added, "We were not told anything about the bomb scare, so I don't know who it came from. There were so many people in the hotel that it is hard to determine who may have called it in.

"The prom was very nice and the students had a great time, despite this little setback."