Inova Mount Vernon Unveils State-of-the-Art Technology

Inova Mount Vernon Unveils State-of-the-Art Technology

New scanner makes diagnostics faster and more accurate.

Inova Mount Vernon Hospital has a new technology that's faster, more accurate and more comfortable for patients undergoing diagnostic procedures.

The new Multi-Slice CT Scanner can be used for a variety of testing from trauma situations to bone-scanning and oncology. All this can be done in a scan from the neck to the pelvis in just 12 seconds.

"The addition of the Multi-Slice CT Scanner and PET Imaging ensures that the radiology department at Inova Mount Vernon Hospital will be state-of-the-art into the 21st century," said John DeGrazia, chairman, Radiology, Inova Mount Vernon Hospital

"We can now scan geriatric and trauma patients in a single breath-hold," said DeGrazia. "This results in a more accurate diagnosis, while reducing examination time and increasing patient comfort."

The Multi-Slice CT Scanner provides an accurate picture of blood flow through the vessels of the head, neck, thorax, abdomen, pelvis and other extremities. Doctors can also use the CT Scanner to evaluate osteopathic and traumatic alterations of bone surfaces using three-dimensional imaging. Using the Multi-Slice CT Scanner greatly improves the detection of pulmonary embolizations, as well.

IN ADDITION to the new CT Scanner, Inova Mount Vernon Hospital will host a mobile PET Scan Unit beginning in August. PET scans are most often used on cancer patients to determine the stage of the disease and plan treatment. With both the Multi-Slice CT Scanner and PET Scan Unit at Inova Mount Vernon Hospital, residents will no longer have to travel out of the area to receive this high-technology diagnostic testing.