Hollin Meadows Finishes With a Bang

Hollin Meadows Finishes With a Bang

Hollin Meadows sixth-grade students didn't sit idle at the end of the year. Instead, they were busy throwing pies and making a peace pole.

The students didn't get into trouble for throwing the pies at their principal, Jon Gates, or their teacher, Jeff Firman. They had won the contest held at the end of the year to see which class could turn in the most Boxtops for Education. Since Firman's sixth-grade class won the competition, they received the chance to throw pies. A total of 26 whipped cream pies were thrown, covering the two willing victims. The majority of the school looked on, loudly cheering the participants.

On a serious note, the sixth graders at Hollin Meadows Math & Science Elementary, led by the Principal Jon Gates, dedicated a peace pole on June 17. This was their commencement gift to the school.

The pole, made of northern red cedar, states 'May Peace prevail on Earth' in eight languages –English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Urdu, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew and Filipino --the eight most-common languages at Hollin Meadows.

Attending the ceremony was State Sen. Toddy Puller (D-36) who told the students that if we had peace on earth, all our other problems would vanish. "There would be no hunger, no homelessness, no poverty," she said.

The sixth graders all added their wish for peace. To raise the money for the peace pole, the sixth graders sold refreshments at the annual fun fair and the school dance, held a yard sale with donated items, and sold a cookbook of favorite Hollin Meadows recipes