Conservation Trust Creates New Park

Conservation Trust Creates New Park

The Northern Virginia Conservation Trust has purchased new parkland in the Town of Clifton. The property, which is adjacent to other land conserved by the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust, consists of 8.66 acres.

"One of the great features of this land is that Popes Head Creek flows through the center of the land," said Paul Gilbert, NVCT President.

Popes Head Creek is a major tributary to the Bull Run/Occoquan, which provides drinking water for more than half of Fairfax County.

The vision for this property is to use it as a stream valley park, and hub for a larger greenway trail system. The Town of Clifton has a contract to become a part owner with the Conservation Trust in the near future.

"Together with the Clifton Betterment Association Property which was put under easement in May, this creates a conserved area with public access and a trail system of more than 14 acres. The Trust is also working with other nearby properties to eventually create a larger greenway along Popes Head Creek.

While the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust owns three properties and has easements on 37 other properties, this is the first land that the Trust has purchased. The landowner who sold this property to the Trust sold the land for 23 percent less than the appraised value, in a transaction called a bargain sale.

"The seller will be able to get tax incentives for his donation of value; the Trust and the public get parkland for a good deal," said Gilbert. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, provided funds for the purchase of this land, through an partnership with the Trust.