Those Who've Served

Those Who've Served

There have been 33 student representatives, beginning with the first in 1972. Two of those representatives were elected to two terms. Below is a list of the student representatives, the high schools they attended and the years served.

Paul Freeman Herndon 02/72-6/72

Daniel Ross Langley 07/72-06/73

Thomas B. Shipp Herndon 07/73-06/74

Samuel L. Eure Jr. Lee 07/74-06/75

William Edmondson Oakton 07/75-**

Cyrus C. Taylor Robinson 11/75-06/76

Lynn Broaddus Robinson 07/76-06/77

A. Lewis Lowery Jr. Langley 07/77-06/78

Mark Gorenflo Oakton 07/78-06/79

James Taylor Jefferson* 07/79-0/80

David McCreight Jr. Robinson 07/80-06/81

Ted Vorhees Marshall 07/81-06/82

Chris Sabec West Springfield 07/82-06/83

Stephen H. Edwards Hayfield 07/83-06/84

Michael B. Buckler Jr. Stuart 07/84-06/85

Kimberly Willoughby Langley 07/85-06/86

Laura Piper Robinson 07/86-06/87

Jason E. Hintz Jefferson 07/87-06/88

Jason E. Hintz Jefferson 07/88-06/89

Carl Kugler Woodson 07/89-06/90

Timothy B. Nee Woodson 07/90-06/91

Walter D. Falcon Jr. Falls Church 07/91-07/92

Sean Bryant Jefferson 07/92-06/93

Joe Sustar West Springfield 07/93-06/94

Howard Foard Marshall 07/94-06/95

William S. "Chip" Warden Lake Braddock 07/94-06/95

Raymond Britt Jefferson 07/95-06/96

Sarah Goldman Madison 07/96-06/97

Kenny Price McLean 07/97-06/98

Wesley Hottot Herndon 07/98-06/99

Reid Voss Stuart 07/99-06/00

Christopher Giovarelli Marshall 07/00-06/01

Matthew Wansley Jefferson 07/01-06/02

Matthew Wansley Jefferson 07/02-06/03

Andrew Ramish Jefferson 07/03-06/04

* Prior to the establishment of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in 1985.

** Did not complete the full term.