Town Decides on Stop Sign for Glyndon St., S.E.

Town Decides on Stop Sign for Glyndon St., S.E.

The Vienna Town Council decided Monday to install a three-way stop sign at Glyndon Street and Cabin Road Southeast. In one month, the town will review the sign's effectiveness.

Council members Al Boudreau, Edythe Kelleher, Vince Olson, Mike Polychrones, Maud Robinson and Vienna mayor Jane Seeman voted to approve the stop sign, while Council member Laurie Cole voted against it.

"I'm just not sure if the stop sign is going to be respected, either," Cole said, adding that the Transportation Safety Commission (TSC) had reported earlier that the street didn't meet the criteria for control.

Robinson disagreed, arguing that the stop sign should be given a chance. She had gone to the recent TSC hearing on this issue.

"I think common sense overrides criteria sometimes," Robinson said.

THE COUNCIL ALSO approved unanimously the following items:

*The Council awarded the July 4, 2003, fireworks display contract to Scaefer Pyrotechnics Inc. of Strasberg, Pa.

"This is the last time I get to vote for $9,000 to go up in smoke," joked Polychrones;

*The Council approved the recommendation of the director of public works of the recordation of an easement plat for drainage improvements on Blair Road Northwest;

*The Council awarded a contract for a four-wheel drive, tractor-mounted Blackhoe to James River Equipment Inc. of Manassas Park, Va.;*The Council awarded a contract for a van-mounted mainline sewer TV system to Indian River Equipment Co. of Chesapeake, Va.;

*The Council awarded a contract for an industrial tub grinder to Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems of Chesapeake, Va. The tub grinder is used to grind leaves;

*The Council awarded a contract for recyclable material processing to Recycle America Alliance of Fairfax, Va.;

*The Council awarded a contract under the extension clause of an additional year for a trailer-mounted air compressor to Washington Air Compressor Rental Co. of Washington, D.C. Town Manager John Schoeberlein said these public works contracts were under budget overall by $60,000;

*The Council approved the reappointment of Mary Theresa Flynn to the Fairfax County Community Criminal Justice Board for a term of one year, effective Feb. 25, 2003;

*The Council approved the appointment of Laurie A. DiRocco to the Transportation Safety Commission for a two-year term effective March 17, 2003;

*The Council approved the request to appropriate reserves from the prior fiscal year's general fund’S unallocated balance to the FYE 2003 General Fund Budget. Kelleher offered an amendment agreed to by everyone but Boudreau to give Bob McCormick, creator of the mural next to the W&OD trail, 30 days to submit his statement of out-of-pocket expenses for the mural. Some of the $301,625 from the prior fiscal year's general fund was to reimburse McCormick;

*The Council set April 17 as the public hearing date for a proposed ordinance to readopt and amend Chapter 6, Finance and Taxation, Article 2, Utility Taxes, Section 6-13, Definitions, and Section 6-14, Levy of Tax; amount, computation of bill generally, as printed in the code of the Town of Vienna.