Frey Wins Fourth Term

Frey Wins Fourth Term

As Sully District's only supervisor ever since it was created in 1992, Michael Frey long ago proved he's got what it takes to get the job done and do it well.

The voters think so, too, and Tuesday night they returned him to office for a fourth term, choosing the Republican Frey over his Democratic challenger Georgette Kohler.

With all 225 precincts reporting to Fairfax County's Election Board, unofficial results at press time showed Frey, 47, of Centreville's London Commons community, beating Kohler by 11,907 votes to 5,736. He won all but one precinct, Old Mill — but only four people total voted there.

ALTHOUGH POLITICAL novice Kohler wasn't generally considered to have much chance of unseating the popular incumbent, Frey said he never took anything for granted. "I haven't had a challenger in awhile, so I took it seriously," he said. "I felt, all along, that if I did my job, she couldn't beat me."

However, Frey realized that, with all population growth in the area, plus residents continually moving in and out of Sully, not everyone was familiar with his many accomplishments. And, he added, "Being in office 12 years and making decisions that are sometimes difficult, there are going to be people who didn't like something I did — and remember it."

Still, he believes he ran a good campaign. "I was out door-to-door every weekend, since last June," he said. "And I mailed out several pieces of literature and reminded people of what I've done and asked them to get out and vote." Even so, he also attributes a lot of his victory to "the little stuff."

These include residents such as George Thigpen of Oak Hill who wrote to others in his community, reminding them how Frey helped them get stop signs for their neighborhood after VDOT refused. Or Mike Fleming of Hollinger Avenue in Chantilly, praising Frey for helping obtain speed humps for his community.

"OR THE CHURCHES I've helped through the [county] process," said Frey. "And people in the youth sports programs know how hard I've worked to help them find fields and [receive] equitable gym allocations. And that's the bulk of the job. That's what local government is — it's about services."

He began election day at 6 a.m. by being one of the first voters at London Towne Elementary. He then visited nearly every Sully precinct to thank the volunteers and precinct workers for their efforts. He spent most of the evening at his campaign headquarters, on Willard Road in Chantilly, where he later celebrated with his campaign workers.

Kohler called and conceded, around 11 p.m. Said Frey: "She congratulated me and said she looked forward to working with me." Now, he plans to see through to fruition many of the projects begun on his watch, such as December's opening of the National Air and Space Museum Annex in Chantilly, construction of the Route 28 interchanges, plans for the Hunter-Hacor property, the opening of the rec center and the widening of West Ox Road.

"I honestly never had doubts but, still, it's nice to have [the election] behind me," said Frey. "And it was nice hearing people say, 'Thanks for all your hard work.' It makes you feel good to know you're appreciated."