Moorefield House Comes Down Bit by Bit

Moorefield House Comes Down Bit by Bit

As the town-given deadline of Oct. 1 loomed upon them, workers with Heartland Restoration were busy dismantling the Moorefield House in Vienna last week.

While taking apart the structure, Timothy Robinson of Heartland Restoration conjectured that the house's original occupant, Revolutionary War figure and Baptist preacher Jeremiah Moore, built his house by salvaging an older building and constructing an additional 10 feet at the end. The original, 28-foot structure may date circa 1750, while the 10-foot addition, possibly used for his ministry, was constructed around 1780 or 1790.

Robinson added that he hoped the house would remain in the area.

"I want it to stay as close to the area as possible," Robinson said.

The findings have fueled the fund-raising efforts of the concerned citizens who had sought to save the structure from demolition. Vienna resident Jerry Duane of the Jeremiah Moore Historical and Educational Association said that at $17,000, their group has raised half of the approximately $32,000 needed to repair, dismantle and store the structure.

"We're doing pretty well," Duane said.

The association is currently negotiating with Fairfax County to put the Moorefield House at Nottoway Park. The group estimates it may need at least $200,000 to reconstruct the building.

What the association would like to do eventually is conduct educational programs not only on Jeremiah Moore but on the importance of the separation between church and state, Duane said.