Local Healthcare Worker Publishes First Novel

Local Healthcare Worker Publishes First Novel

The ideas had been in her head for quite awhile, but once she started putting them down on paper, they came together as an interesting story.

Mount Vernon resident Nina Britcliffe's first book, "Twist of Fate" was released last month and she's already started writing another book.

"Twist of Fate" is Britcliffe's first attempt at writing. She said that it took her three years, writing on and off.

"It was a compilation of things I saw over the years. Being in the nursing field, I've always been interested in the emotional reaction and coping mechanisms that people have [when faced with crises]. It's interesting to see what they pull from inside," said Britcliffe.

To illustrate these elements, she developed a story line based around three women who have been best friends for more than 15 years. When Beth's 15-year-old son is seriously injured in an accident, her friendship with Carla and Eve is seriously tested.

All three women have their own personalities, which are developed in the book by Britcliffe. Carla works in public relations and is sophisticated and single. Beth is rigid and controlling, and distances herself from her husband and her friends after the accident. When attempts by Carla and Eve to reach out to Beth are rebuffed, Carla takes offense.

Eve, who is the mother of a toddler, is left to rebuild the friends‚ broken bridges. It is partly through Eve's efforts that Beth realizes how destructive intolerance is, and how powerful forgiveness is.

Britcliffe decided to go the self-publishing route to publish this book, but isn't sure if she will proceed the same way with her second book.

"It [publishing] has been such a learning process, but has been wonderful seeing how the whole thing works."

Britcliffe currently works in the healthcare field at a local hospital. She is married to Don Britcliffe, and has a son, Alexander.

"Twist of Fate" can be purchased through www.1stbooks.com and at local book stores.