Balanced Approach

Balanced Approach

To the Editor:

John Foust is uniquely qualified to represent Herndon and the surrounding area on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. He brings a unique blend of education, professional experience and community leadership to the race for county supervisor from the Dranesville District.

Foust holds an MBA with a specialization in finance, as well as a law degree from George Washington University. He has practiced law in Northern Virginia for 22 years, including 12 years managing his own firm. Prior to that, he spent eight years performing cost analysis and capital investment studies for a large public utility. His numerous endorsements include those of the Citizens' Community Caucus (smart growth), the Fairfax Education Association (he is "Teacher Endorsed") and the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Most importantly, Foust has spent, and will continue to spend, countless hours and limitless energy in Herndon listening to residents and sharing ideas on programs designed to move the district forward. His experience performing cost studies and capital investment planning and his service on the Citizens' Advisory Committee to the Regional Transportation Coordinating Council make him the most qualified candidate to guide Rail to Dulles while ensuring the costs of the program do not fall disproportionately to the residents of Herndon and Dranesville.

Endorsements by the Fairfax Education Association and the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers are testimony to John Foust's determination to maintain a school system that can and will attract the very best teachers. This is an essential element to Foust's plan for providing the best education for Fairfax County students. Foust will lead the Board of Supervisors in working with Governor Warner and our elected representatives in Richmond to change the state's funding formula for education, bring more money back to Fairfax County and reduce class size and pupil-to-teacher ratios.

Foust holds in high regard the manner in which the Town of Herndon has successfully balanced the need for smart commercial growth while preserving open space, the environment and a sound quality of life. As Dranesville District supervisor, he will maintain this balanced approach at the county level.

Jay Donahue