Support Dave Hunt for Senate

Support Dave Hunt for Senate

To the Editor:

“All politics is local,” according to the legendary speaker, Tip O’Neil. Here in Fairfax County, the attack is on. “Let’s nail Dave Hunt!” a skilled Republican candidate, because — you’ll never guess, “he’s spending his own money!”

Unlike his opponent, Janet Howell, Dave Hunt has not taken tens of thousands of dollars from special interests, teachers unions or millionaire developers. He has raised hundreds of small contributions from supporters.

Janet says she cut taxes on cars. I thought this was accomplished by Gov. James Gilmore.

Janet says she saved taxpayers $100 million a year in taxes (never levied) with her technology reform legislation. You can fool me! I thought this was accomplished by Gov. James Gilmore’s Technology Commission.

Janet says she has worked consistently to protect women’s access to safe and legal abortions. Good girl, Janet. How about teenage abortion? Notification of parents? Condoms in schools? Three-time abortion clients? Venereal disease? AIDS? Increasing suicide rates?

And where was Janet’s leadership when she attempted to support the half-cent sales tax for Fairfax’s transportation needs?

Janet is a nice lady, but she’s a “me too” legislator. And now it seems to me she wants to be re-elected more than she wants to be clear.

Dave Hunt, a graduate of William and Mary and the Business School at William and Mary, started his own patent business with Amy, his wife. And their business succeeded. He spent three years in Richmond as an administrative assistant to Vince Callahan.

Dave Hunt not only knows his way around Richmond, he has the capacity to help change the old 1947 funding formulas to increase Richmond’s contributions to Northern Virginia. Plus he has a collegial personality that enables him to work with others yet stand his ground, and when necessary, take the lead.

Dave Hunt presents our locality with a unique opportunity to elect a large talent with strong leadership skills. Isn’t electing Dave Hunt our ticket to a new beginning? Let’s clear the decks and, on Nov. 4, go to vote for Dave and a more prosperous future for Northern Virginians.

Olivia Jenney