Council Supports Beulah Reconstruction

Council Supports Beulah Reconstruction

The Vienna Town Council decided Monday evening to pass unanimously a resolution supporting the reconstruction of Beulah Road. The resolution will now go before the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), who will then bid the project out.

The target price for the reconstruction is estimated to be at $5.8 million, with Vienna paying two percent, or roughly $120,000, of the costs, according to Public Works director Dennis King. The timeline for the project could see bids received by late 2004 with construction starting in 2005. VDOT will work with the town in notifying residents and commuters of detours while construction is taking place.

"We're at the point now where this road is becoming dangerous not only for vehicles but for pedestrians," said Vienna mayor Jane Seeman, who had added that the town and its citizens had been talking about the road's reconstruction since 1979.

The following resolution, calling for the reconstruction of Branch Road, was deferred unanimously until Nov. 17, after several citizens who live near or on Branch Road said they were concerned that they had not seen VDOT's final plans, especially regarding drainage.

"We're not quite sure what we're commenting on because it's very short notice," said Vienna resident Mark Serfass.

Seeman suggested the six residents there talk with King to get the details of the final project.

The $2.8 million project for Branch Road is scheduled to begin construction in 2007.