Hurley for School Board

Hurley for School Board

As a mother, PTA officer and property owner, I feel that perhaps the most important upcoming election is for Fairfax County School Board. For School Board at-large, I am voting for the extremely well-qualified Nell Hurley.

What we need in this county are School Board members who ask questions, not Board members who rubber stamp whatever the staff puts in front of them. We need School Board members who think for themselves and look into things for themselves instead of always taking the staff's word for everything. We are hearing a lot of candidates who are telling us what we want to hear, but we should vote for those who have proven they believe what they say and act accordingly.

A retired Navy captain, Nell Hurley has managed big budgets, has led large work forces and has recruited and trained thousands of young people. She has the most amazing ability to analyze numbers and is more knowledgeable about the county school budget than some of those who actually write it. A long-term Northern Virginia property owner, Nell Hurley also has displayed long-term commitment to our community. A mother of four daughters, all current FCPS students or recent graduates, Nell Hurley has a personal investment in our schools. She has been a PTA mom, a soccer mom, a cheer mom and a crew mom. She is deeply dedicated to our schools and has the education and ability to make a difference. Competent, creative, caring and committed to our community, Nell Hurley is the perfect candidate for School Board at large.

Arlene L. Pripeton