MVO Holds Gala Concert

MVO Holds Gala Concert

Everything about the evening was just right last weekend at the George Washington National Masonic Memorial, as Mount Vernon Orchestra threw a gala concert.

Elisabeth Adkins and Edward Newman performed three pieces on the violin and piano, with horn accompaniment from Jay Chadwick, Mount Vernon Orchestra Association, on Johannes Brahms' Trio for Piano, Violin and Horn, Op. 40.

A champagne and dessert reception in the main hall of the memorial completed the evening, with treats from local caterer Donna Allanson, and a supply of wine and champagne.

Dan DeVany, general manager of public radio station WETA, was host, and added his own touch to the concert with his knowledge of classical music. DeVany introduced the performers and gave a brief history about each of the three composers and the works that were being performed.

The length of the concert left attendees satisfied, but wanting to hear more, and the synchronization of Adkins and Newman remained when Chadwick joined in.

"I think we'll have to do this every year," said Ulysses S. James, conductor of the Mount Vernon Orchestra.