In Memory of 9-11

In Memory of 9-11

Sully Station II shows patriotism with candlelight vigil.

Some 100 loyal Sully Station II residents came out on Sept. 11 from 8 to 9 p.m. to show their patriotism and honor the United States with flags and candles along Sully Park Drive and Stone Road.

Not only was Sully Station II honoring the greatness of America and showing compassion toward the thousands of lives lost, but they also had their own heroes among them. First, the Fairfax County Bike Patrol, Sully District Police Station, rode their bikes down Sully Park Drive. They were Officers Dave Patton, James Bradshaw and Loriann LaBarca, and 2nd Lt. Michael Wall. Next came four police cruisers from Sully District Police Station including Officer Tommy D. Thompson, Officer Matt Allen, Pfc. Jason Reichel and Pfc. Rockie Akhavan. Next, members of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department's Station 38, West Centreville — C shift, drove two fire engines and one rescue vehicle down Sully Park Drive with lights and horns sounding to join in the celebration. Among them was Master Technician David Gaber, who was one of the three firemen who draped the flag over the Pentagon on Sept. 11. Gaber was there to sign autographs and talk about his experiences on that day. Sully District Supervisor Michael Frey offered a moment of silence and gave a speech on what 9/11 meant to him. Sully Station II Neighborhood Watch organized the event to honor 9/11 and to promote neighborliness among the community.

Also of interest, Jeremy Whitehurst, 10, held a large flag to honor the day and honor his father. This flag was flown over Iraq in honor of Jeremy on April 24, by Mission "Yingling 37" during Operation Iraqi Freedom, by Jeremy’s father who is currently in Iraq.

<tgl>— Leslie Jenuleson