Storm on Its Way

Storm on Its Way

In an ironic twist, the day that Pepco officials were slated to meet with residents about the power failures in the last storm is the same day a hurricane is forecasted to drive through the region.

As a result, the Sept. 18 meeting has been postponed.

"The last thing they want to do during this storm is be tied up in a meeting dealing with the last storm," said Del. Jean Cryor (R-15). The entire District 15 delegation was scheduled to be present at the meeting.

Cryor said the meeting will be rescheduled but no date has yet been set.

Montgomery County\rquote s Department of Fire and Rescue Services has released some tips for dealing with hurricanes.

For more information about emergency preparedness, call the Office of Emergency Management at 240-777-2300.

* Keep flashlights and battery-powered radios with extra batteries on hand, along with a basic first-aid kit, emergency food and water and a non-electric Can opener.

* Listen to the radio or television for hurricane progress reports.

* Bring in outside objects like lawn furniture and garbage cans, or anchor objects that cannot be brought in but could be wind-tossed.

* Remove outdoor antennas.

* Clean out gutters.

* Turn the refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting in anticipation of a power outage. Open and close the door only when necessary and close it quickly.

* Do not put out trash can the night before a regular pick-up.

During Power Outages

* Keep a sufficient supply of flashlights and fresh batteries.

* Avoid using candles for lighting.

* Never use a candle when fueling equipment such as a kerosene heater, since the candle flame can ignite the fumes from the fuel.


In anticipation of flooding, store valuables and personal papers in a waterproof container. Avoid areas subject to flooding, including low spots, canals and streams. Do not attempt to drive over a flooded road, the depth of the water is not always obvious and motorists can be stranded or trapped.

Night Safety

Extra caution is needed at night when it can be difficult to recognize flood dangers, downed wires and other hazards in the dark.