Jenulesons Receive State Crime Award

Jenulesons Receive State Crime Award

Dan and Leslie Jenuleson of Sully Station II were feted Tuesday by the Virginia Crime Prevention Association with its 2004 Citizens Award for their role in starting a Neighborhod Watch program in Sully Station II.

"We were totally honored that we were nominated because we spend a lot of time doing this," said Leslie, 43.

The couple volunteers its time, about 25 hours a week, working with the Sully District Police Station and residents in Sully Station II's 1,328 homes. The Jenulesons distribute e-mails to 700 people with crime reports and vital information, such as tips from police, wanted posters, missing people, etc.

"We have a 90-percent recovery rate for finding lost pets," said Dan, 44, who will send out e-mail photos of lost pets.

Crime victims themselves (vandalism and property destruction), the Jenulesons have held several training classes for the community, including "Refuse to be a Victim" and "Rape, Aggression Defense" for women only, plus a bike rodeo, bicycle-safety class and child-fingerprinting workshop.

"I have worked with Dan and Leslie Jenuleson for nearly a year and have never seen such enthusiasm in my 15 years of law enforcement," said Sgt. Ed O'Carroll, vice president of the Virginia Crime Prevention Association. "They immediately stepped forward, providing assistance when the Sully District Station opened in May of 2003."

In addition, the Jenulesons frequently give talks and PowerPoint demos to Neighborhood Watch groups in Loudoun and Prince William counties.