Behind the Scenes: Alex Robb

Behind the Scenes: Alex Robb

Alex Robb, from Stone Bridge High School, plays the second gangster in the school's upcoming play "Kiss Me Kate." He is also working on the sound and video on this play.

But this play is only one of many plays he has been involved with. Robb said he has been interested in acting since the 8th grade. The most interesting thing about acting is that you get to be somebody else, someone different, Robb said. But there are also some hard parts with acting: "Getting true to your character and portraying it the way the writer wants it to be portrayed," he said.

Robb participated also last year in the school's performance of the musical "Grease." He played Doody, one of the members of T-birds. His friend Liney Pugh called it one of Robb's best performances. "He put a lot into that role. It was really fun," she said. "He is very energetic and has a lot of experience. He knows the acting as well as the technical side."

In addition to being friends for two, Robb and Pugh have also been in some of the same plays. "He always gets into his role very well and he has very good comedic timing," Pugh said. "Acting gives him an excuse to be crazy and do as much as possible with the character."

As a senior Robb is now planning to pursue an education in drama and is going to study theater. "First I am going to NOVA and then I am going to see what happens," he said.

"Alex is very dedicated to what he does," said his friend Richard Brodrick. "He is definitely hardworking and he is always there earlier and stays later."

Brodrick and Robb have been friends for three years and they are both on the same tech-crew. "Alex is very friendly, nice to everybody and outgoing," Brodrick said.

— Linda Smiljanic