Car Wash Cited for Noise

Car Wash Cited for Noise

The Exxon station in the heart of McLean is the subject of an ongoing investigation into a noise-ordinance violation, according to county officials. On Jan. 2 a complaint was lodged against the Exxon located at 6720 Old Dominion Drive because the noise emitted from the station’s car wash was above acceptable levels.

“A general description of the activity is that it’s a car wash that generates noise that may exceed the maximum permissible sound pressure level,” said county Zoning Enforcement official Bruce Miller.

The county maximum is 65 decibels.

Exxon officials have met with members of the Zoning Enforcement Department to work on the problem, according to Miller.

Randy Smith, a spokesperson for Exxon said, “The noise-resistant sound wall is in now. We operate [the car wash] with the doors down, which we aren’t required to do but we do.”

Smith said the station has had only one inspection, and “at that time we were within noise tolerances.” Closing the car-wash doors and installing the noise-resistant walls, said Smith, “are two additional control measures that are in place over and above the levels.”

Smith said the Exxon is “within tolerances.”

Rosemary Ryan with district supervisor Joan DuBois said that local officials met with resistance when they tried to enforce the ordinance. “Our zoning enforcement guy met with them on-site. We had to push them really, really hard, but we’ve got a good conclusion. I think everyone will be pleased.”

According to Miller, the investigation is not concluded. “We are investigating an alleged violation of Section 108/4 (a) of the Fairfax County Noise Ordinance, which is deemed to be a misdemeanor.”