Celebrating Founder's Day

Celebrating Founder's Day

Restonians celebrated the 40th anniversary of their community and the 90th birthday of the community’s founder, Robert E. Simon, Jr., at Reston’s first Founder’s Day on Saturday at Lake Anne Plaza.

In addition to hundreds of Reston residents, a gaggle of local, state and federal politicians also showed up to pay homage to Simon and to present a slew of resolutions honoring Simon and Reston.

The festivities started at noon, with performances from the Reston Community Center, Reston elementary schools, the South Lakes High School Theatre Department, the Audubon Quartet and more. Saturday evening, three restaurants at the plaza hosted parties for dinner, as Simon milled about greeting friends and neighbors.

The highlight of the day was the unveiling of a bronze statue of Simon which was installed on a bench next to the lake. It was designed by Zack Oxman, a Bethesda-based sculptor who grew up in Reston and took his first art classes at Lake Anne.

Founder’s Day organizers said they intend to continue holding Founder’s Day each year and plan on giving an annual gift to the community.