Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Reston Association

An association not only of homeowners but of renters of properties, RA owns and operates Reston's community-wide recreational facilities, such as pools and tennis courts, and looks after more than 1,000 acres of lakes and other open space, including the Vernon J. Walker Nature Center. RA is a nonprofit corporation.

All members of the board of directors are elected by residents; one board member represents the apartment complexes for Reston.

The board holds open meetings at 7 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of every month. The meetings are taped and shown later on Comcast Channel 28. RA's headquarters are at 1930 Isaac Newton Square, off Wiehle Avenue near Sunset Hills Road. RA directors make themselves available for informal discussions with residents before each meeting, starting at 6 p.m.

An important part of RA's structure is the Design Review Board (DRB), which must approve all changes proposed for the exterior of houses. To contact the DRB about any proposed exterior changes, call 703-437-9580.

Several RA committees are made up of area residents and advise the board on matters such as lake ecology, natural areas, pathways, recreation and public arts. For information, call 703-437-9580.

Rick Beyer


At-Large Director

Robert Poppe

At-Large Director

Vicky Wingert

At-Large Director

Joe Leighton

South Lakes Director

Douglas Bushée

Vice President North Point

Vacant (as of press time)

Apartment Owners Designate

Barbara Aaron

Hunters Wood/Dogwood Director

Jennifer Blackwell

Association Secretary, At-Large Director

Robin Smyers

Lake Anne/Tall Oaks