Dear Reader:

This special guide is intended to convey a sense of community for those living in Reston as well as provide practical what-to-do and where-to-go information.

The guide details how local government works and provides basic information on the school system such as vaccination requirements as well as details on recreation, parks and places of worship. Phone numbers to get more information about any service or issue are also offered.

The Connection would like to acknowledge the work of editorial interns Courtney Berry, Matt de Nesnera, Janan Hamad, Amal Omer and Peggy Maslanka who researched information, checked facts and collected data for this Newcomers & Community Guide.

In addition, we would like to thank the production staff and its interns for their graphic and design support, Rich Bernett, Amanda Brock, Lawrence Foong, Paula Friedrich, Matt Gardner, John Heinly, Stuart Moll, Scott San Martin, Wayne Shipp, John Smith, Annie Tsang and Gaby Zambrano-Lugo.

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Jennifer Lesinski,

Section Editor