Denise Medved Releases Second Book

Denise Medved Releases Second Book

"tiny kitchen" Book Signing Held at Gallery Lafayette.

First it was “the tiny kitchen.” Now it’s “the bachelor’s tiny kitchen.” Denise Medved has kept true to her word of publishing a series of books about cooking and entertaining. Her first book was published a couple of years ago and is now in its third printing. Medved’s husband, Bill Medved, contributed to this book with items like Bill’s famous bacon and horseradish dip, Bill’s tuna salad and Bill’s coleslaw.

To announce the release of her latest publication, Medved held a book signing at Gallery Lafayette this past weekend. Owner Todd Healy did the illustrations for both of her books and offered to do the kick-off party for her. Healy said that Medved was initially going to use a photograph for the cover of her first book, but he suggested that she create a brand image. He thus created an image of a tiny kitchen and then slightly altered it to be a bachelor’s tiny kitchen.

Healy has known Medved for years, and said, “The energy she brings to any project is phenomenal.”

Medved said that about a 100 people came to the book signing, and she sold a couple of hundred of her new and old books. As a special treat, guests enjoyed some of the dishes from her book: mini shrimp kebabs, chicken kebabs, bratwurst, Bill’s famous bacon and horseradish dip and dad’s bronx appetizer.

The latter is a combination of sardine, swiss cheese and saltine crackers; a snack her father enjoyed every weekend. For desserts, she used recipes from her first book, chocolate cake and pound cake. The chapter for dessert in the bachelor’s guide merely says, “ice cream. any flavor.”

This is comparable to her section on Fish in the first book, which says “fish smells — don’t try it in a tiny kitchen.” Examples of Medved’s wit and humor, which is obvious in her books.

“I think people really enjoyed it,” Healy said.