Luby Sentenced to Community Service

Luby Sentenced to Community Service

James J. Luby Jr, the 19-year-old son of Alexandria School Board member Melissa W. Luby, was sentenced to 50 hours of community service last week for egging the home of James Boissonault.

Luby apologized to Boissonault for the incident and assured him and the court that nothing like the incident would ever happen again. “We have never said that this was childish behavior,” said Luby’s attorney Jonathan Shapiro. “The press has said that. We have said it was stupid.”

Shapiro asked the presiding judge, Chief Judge E. Robert Giammittorio, not to enter a finding of guilt but to consider Luby’s academic success at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and his work in the community. The Commonwealth's Attorney’s office asked for consequences. Giammittorio agreed with the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office.

“You pleaded guilty and there are consequences to being guilty,” the judge told Luby. “This is an opportunity for you to see this as a life-defining moment.”

Giammittorio waved the $500 fine that he could have imposed and ordered Luby to do 50 hours of community service. Luby now has an adult criminal record.

“This was the right outcome,” Boissonault said. “My criticism of the School Board has been about responsibility and accountability. The judge got right to the heart of the matter by talking about consequences. It is gratifying to see someone in authority get it.”

Luby and Samuel Howard Woodson, IV, the son of Alexandria City Councilwoman Joyce Woodson, were charged with the July 2 incident that occurred after Boissonault publicly criticized the School Board for retaining superintendent Rebecca L. Perry after a drunk driving arrest. Boissonault is also spearheading a petition drive to remove Melissa Luby from office.