New Principal, New Pumpkin Patch for Cabin John

New Principal, New Pumpkin Patch for Cabin John

Interview with Cabin John Principal Paulette Smith

Is there anything you wish parents would do more?

“We encourage parents to stay involved. (Smith said that in middle school, the level of involvement for some parents tends to fall off from what it was when their children were in elementary school.) Middle school is really a crucial age for a child academically, socially and developmentally.”

What will be the biggest challenges facing Cabin John this year?

“The biggest challenge is to continue to take it to even greater heights, to provide a program for those students who have mastered the curriculum, and to help those students.”

What is your favorite thing about Cabin John?

“The way that everyone works together, staff, students and parents. I call it the ‘Cabin John Family.’”

What will be the biggest differences from last year to this year?

A new principal, Paulette Smith. A pumpkin patch, which appeared accidentally in the courtyard. The students’ "Cougar Achievement Time" will be moved to just after third period.


Vicky Parcan, assistant principal

Rae Kim, math

Danielle Epstein, special education

Leah Grower, music

Sharon McNeil, main office secretary

Miguel Amaro, building services

Brandon Lovelace, English

Leocadie Bader, ESOL

Sarah Sedam, paraprofessional



Learning and Academic Disabilities

Learning for Independence



Racial/Ethnic Composition:

African American: 8.9%

American Indian: 0.1%

Asian: 27.9%

Hispanic: 4.9%

White: 58.2%

Receiving special education: 11.4%

English at a Second Language: 2.4%

Free and reduced meals service: 5.9%

Student/instructional staff ratio: 11.9%

Average class size (English): 24.8%

Average class size (other): 26.2%

Projected enrollment/capacity: 998/930*