Beverly Farms Rolls Out New Curriculum

Beverly Farms Rolls Out New Curriculum

Back to School, Beverly Farms Elementary

What is going to be the biggest challenge this year?

"We have a new reading, language arts curriculum for the fourth and fifth grades this year that requires a lot of extra planning from the teachers."

What is the best thing about Beverly Farms?

“The children. That's a no-brainer.”

What do you wish the parents would do more of?

“I don't think they can do more for us than they already do; they do absolutely everything they can for our school. We love our parents here.”

What do you wish the parents would do less?

“The parents could drive their kids to school less. Don't drive your children to school, let them walk or take the bus. We have a major construction project and we need their cooperation.”

Who are the new teachers this year?

Mary Ellen Fernandez 2nd

Kerry Nudelman 5th

Chris Nash K-1 LAD

Counselor July Barrios


8501 Postoak Road

Potomac, MD 20854

Phone: 301-469-1050

Grades: K-5

Principal: Laura Siegelbaum

PTA President: Francie Cleary

Special Programs:

Learning and Academic Disabilities

Racial/Ethnic Composition

African American: 5.8%

American Indian: 0.0%

Asian: 23.4%

Hispanic: 7.5%

White: 63.3%

Receiving Spec. Ed.: 13.7 %

ESOL: 6.9 %

FARMS: 3.3 %

Student/Instructional Staff Ratio: 10.8

Average Class Size (Grades 1-2): 23.1

Average Class Size (Grades 3-5): 24.5

Average Class Size (Kindergarten): 17.3

Projected Enrollment/Capacity: 520/627