The following incidents were reported to the Reston District of the Fairfax County Police Department:


<lst>8700 block of Arley Drive. Craig F. Watson, 21, of Goldfield Lane in Burke, was arrested Friday, Aug. 17, for abduction, assault and vehicle tampering. Watson and an associate met with a 17-year-old boy and his two friends in the 8700 block of Arley Drive in the Burke area allegedly to patch up an argument from the night before. Once there, Watson and his associate began beating the 17-year-old and dragged him out of his car and into theirs. They drove off with the victim and continued to beat him. They phoned the victim's two friends and offered to return the victim to the original location if they paid a ransom. Police were called and arrested Watson. His associate fled the area and was not located. The victim sustained minor injuries.


<lst>12000 block of Bluemont Way. Two paint guns stolen from business.

12000 block of Bradwell Road. Computer equipment reported stolen from residence.

1800 block of Cameron Glen Drive. Cash reported stolen from residence.

2400 block of Centreville Road. Purse reported stolen from business.

900 block of Challedon Road. Jewelry reported stolen from residence.

10000 block of Cross School Road. Several laptop computers reported stolen from school.

2000 block of Edmund Halley Drive. Laptop computer reported stolen from residence.

10700 block of Leesburg Pike. Two laptop computers stolen from vehicle.

518 block of Seneca Green Way. Laptop computers, compact discs, jewelry and cameras reported stolen from residence.

11000 block of South Lakes Drive. Gasoline reported stolen from service station.

11800 block of Sunrise Valley Drive. Beer reported stolen from business.

12000 block of Sunset Hills Road. Cash reported stolen from business.


1800 block of Alexander Bell Drive. 2002 Cadillac Escalade reported stolen.