Seven Locks Elementary

Seven Locks Elementary

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Where's My Class?

Montgomery County Public School students went back to class on Monday, Aug. 30. During the last three weeks, The Almanac interviewed principals at Potomac's schools. Several interviews have been published in previous issues. A few more will be published in upcoming editions.

Seven Locks

9500 Seven Locks Road

Bethesda, MD 20817


Grades: K-5

Principal: Rebecca Gordon

PTA president: Harlivleen Gill

Racial/Ethnic Composition

African American: 2.0 percent

American Indian: 0.8 percent

Asian: 14.2 percent

Hispanic: 6.7 percent

White: 76.3 percent

School Information

Receiving special education.: 6.3 percent

ESOL: 5.1 percent

FARMS: 0.8 percent

Student/instructional staff ratio: 10.9

Average class size (Grades 1-2): 21.0

Average class size (Grades 3-5): 22.0

Average class size (Kindergarten): 19.5

Projected enrollment/capacity: 236/294

Rebecca Gordon begins her sixth year as principal at Seven Locks Elementary and her 21st in Montgomery County Public Schools. She talked about the upcoming year.

Is there anything you wish parents would do more?

"I think the fact that our parents are so supportive of their children makes a difference in their success," Gordon said. She would not want parents to change the level of involvement they have in their children's lives. She did say that she would like to see parents allow their children some time for unstructured play. "I think it's useful for students to have some time that's not structured — time to have some creative play, just so that they feel they can do that."

What will be the biggest challenges facing Seven Locks this year?

"Providing a rigorous program for all of our students. That is always the biggest challenge."

What is your favorite thing about Seven Locks?

"The way people work together for common goals."

What will be the biggest differences from last year to this year?

"The new curriculum. And the TECHMOD upgrade. All of our computers have been upgraded.

New teachers

*Mary Kim — first grade

*Kristina Dohlie-Evenson — fourth grade

*Janet Shay — staff development

*Janet Frank — music

*Carey Malone — English for Speakers of Other Languages