Unger Retires As Hyland's Chief Aide

Unger Retires As Hyland's Chief Aide

Charles Unger, chief aide to Mount Vernon District Supervisor Gerald W. Hyland, has announced his retirement effective Dec. 10. Unger took over the position on an interim basis in mid-2003 upon the retirement of Rose Lambert, who had held the position since March 1988, following Hyland's first election.

Hyland formally announced the change at the regular meeting of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on Monday. He also informed the other BOS members that Brett Kenney, a former intern in his office, will become his new chief aide on Dec. 13.

Unger joined Hyland's staff approximately 18 months ago after 20 years in the non-profit world of association management. He had intended to retire after a year, but when Lambert announced her retirement and move to Florida, "I persuaded him to stay and be my chief aide," Hyland said.

"He has been an absolutely magnificent addition to this office. His way of doing things is very accomplished and professional. Not only I, but my entire staff and constituency, will miss him," Hyland said.

"But when I asked him to step into the position of chief aide he told me he couldn't make a long term commitment because he wanted to retire and do some traveling and other things. He made the transition after Rose's departure seamless, " he said

"The person replacing him recently left the Marine Corps after serving a tour of duty in Iraq. He had been an intern in this office one summer when he was in college. He is also a graduate of Mount Vernon High School, so he's a native of the District," Hyland said.

"Brett [Kenney] is very much a people person and decided this is what he wanted to do. He will be taking up residency in Mount Vernon District," Hyland said.

When asked what he intends to do when he retires this time, Unger said, "I'm going out and enjoying myself." However, he confirmed he will be in the office on a part time basis until Kenney becomes familiar with the duties.