Getting to Know

Getting to Know

Erica Meadows

Erica Meadows has been an English for Speakers of Other Languages teacher at McNair Elementary School since it opened, and this year she was awarded a grant from Wal-Mart to help McNair's ESOL students and their families.

<lst>Name: Erica Meadows

Town/Neighborhood: Oakton resident.

Years in the Community: 3

Occupation/Position: Lead ESOL teacher, McNair Elementary, Herndon.

Achievements: Earning my masterÕs degree with my youngest two children in diapers gave me a great sense of accomplishment. IÕm also really proud of my service as the president of the Los Angeles Chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN).

Family: Married to Steve for 15 years. Sons, Michael (13) and Alec (9) and daughter, Maddie (6).

What do you like or dislike about your community?: I love the sense of community in Fairfax County. I also appreciate the fact that we have the best public schools in the country. ThatÕs why we moved here.

Favorite local restaurant/place: The drive-thru Starbucks in Herndon!

Sports Interests/Activities/Hobbies: I love visiting the museums in D.C. I also enjoy watching my kids play lacrosse and basketball.

Community Ties: I am a member of the McNair and Kilmer PTAs.

Community Concerns: I look forward to seeing more after-school programs for middle-school students.

Community Ideas: I would love to see more programs which support home literacy for very young children. In fact, I just read about a program which provides home visits from teachers who work with parents on introducing books to babies. Reading to my children made such a difference for them. I wish all children could have those opportunities.

Personal Goals: I hope to earn my doctorate in education. More importantly, though, I would love to speak Spanish fluently.

What community "hidden treasure" should more people know about?: The Herndon Free Clinic is an amazing Òhidden treasure.Ó They provide such an incredible service to the community. More people should know how to support them.

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