Three Alternatives Offered Common to all plans:

Three Alternatives Offered Common to all plans:

• Maintain significant view sheds; improve overlooks;

• Reduce conflicts between natural resources and trails;

• No new access points for cars;

• Add handicap accessibility at Visitor Center;

• “Rehab” the restrooms;

• Better signage;

• Suspend access when crowded;

• Add a fast pass lane at entrance;

• Remove vegetation from canal walls;

• Add bike holding areas.

Concept A: Status Quo

“Expect Delays” signs would continue when parking lots fill up on pretty days. Equestrian access, social trails, rock climbing, leashed pets, and picnic tables be allowed. Restrooms would be “rehabilitated,” and “limited public access” to the river would be allowed at Sandy Landing.

Concept B: ‘Back to Nature’

• New building for offices, first aid, police and holding cell;

• Expand restrooms;

• Eliminate food service concession;

• “Pack in, pack out” policy;

• Prohibit new social trails;

• No bikes;

• No horses on park trails;

• No pets;

• Eliminate picnic tables and grills;

• Reduce climbing sites; control climbing with permits;

• Control deer;

• Add time limits on parking;

• Build stables for park police horses off Jackson Lane.

Concept C: ‘People-Friendly’

• New building for offices, park police, first aid and holding cell;

• Add education center at existing Visitor Center;

• More restrooms;

• Add concessions for rentals, climbing, and nonmotorized boating;

• Build stables for park police horses off Jackson Lane;

• Pets OK on leashes;

• New trails plan would formalize some social trails; restrict new trails;

• Control deer;

• Add concession-run parking lot at quarry;

• Control horses with permits;

• Add picnic areas; control group picnics as concession.

• Extend public water lines across Georgetown Pike to the park.

For more information, call Debbie Feldman, park planner, at 703-289-2500.

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