Three Charged With Credit Card Crimes

Three Charged With Credit Card Crimes

Two Fair Oaks sisters and an unrelated third woman have been charged with credit-card crimes by Fairfax County police. Authorities contend that the trio allegedly went on a shopping spree at stores in the Tysons Corner Center with credit cards stolen from someone else.

Arrested and charged were Leeza Badri, 31, and her sister Roya Badri, 29, both of 4208 Vernoy Hills Court, plus Farahnaz Javid, 33, of Flint Hill Road in Vienna. Police Det. W.A. Kuemmel explained the case against them in a Jan. 2 affidavit for a warrant to search the Badris' brick townhouse for the items purchased with the pilfered credit cards.

On Nov. 2, a female told county police Officer P.M. Flugrad that her Virginia driver's license and credit cards had been stolen. (Centre View is not revealing her identity because she is a victim).

The woman's credit cards were then used at various locations at the Tysons Corner mall, and Kuemmel wrote that Flugrad was later able to identify two of the people allegedly responsible for the illegal transactions.

"This identification was made possible by a sales clerk at one of the places where the cards were used," he wrote. "This clerk recognized the co-defendants — [reportedly Leeza Badri and Javid] — as regular customers and advised that they worked at another store in the mall."

Flugrad then obtained arrest warrants for them, charging each with credit-card theft, credit-card fraud and larceny by false pretense. On Dec. 30, Kuemmel helped Flugrad conduct follow-up interviews with the two, after they'd been arrested, that day.

"It was learned at this time that a third party was responsible for some of the illegal transactions involving this victim's credit cards," wrote the detective. "The person was [allegedly] identified as Roya Badri, sister of one of the defendants already charged in this case."

Flugrad then obtained some more arrest warrants — but this time, they were for Roya Badri. Police charged her with credit-card theft and credit-card fraud and arrested her on Jan. 3.

Kuemmel wrote that, through statements allegedly made by the arrested parties, police learned that certain items bought with the stolen credit cards were allegedly in the Badris' Fair Oaks townhouse. He noted that these items included Sterling brand, black boots, size 9, and a black, Armani Exchange coat.

Police executed the search warrant, Jan. 3, and seized one pair of Sterling boots, two sales/return documents for Armani Exchange and two sales/return documents for Hecht's.

As for the Badri sisters, Leeza was released Dec. 31 from the Adult Detention Center on $4,000 bond and has a Feb. 18 court date. Roya was released from jail, Jan. 3, on $3,000 bond and has a Feb. 23 court date.

Javid was released, Dec. 30, on $2,000 bond and has a Feb. 18 court date. The crimes of credit-card theft and fraud are each punishable by five years in prison.