Art Skills Pay Off for Bryant Student

Art Skills Pay Off for Bryant Student

When thousands of people received their Christmas card from Lee Hecht Harrison, they also received an illustration of the holidays done by Bryant Alternative High School senior Cherie Oudomsouk. Her drawing was selected by the company as part of the annual holiday card design contest sponsored by Lee Hecht Harrison for schools affiliated with Jobs for Americaís Graduates (JAG).

Oudomsouk's drawing was selected from hundreds of submissions. Along with the honor of seeing it printed on the company's Christmas card, she received a $2,000 scholarship.

Oudomsouk said that one of her teachers who knew she had artistic skills encouraged her to apply for the scholarship; she is also planning to apply for other scholarships.

While she's not sure where she's going next year, Oudomsouk said that Northern Virginia Community College was a likely choice.

"I'd like to use my skills as an interior designer," said Oudomsouk. "It's nice to work and enjoy what you're doing."

Oudomsouk and Counselor Elizabeth Link also attended JAG's National Leadership Awards luncheon which was held downtown.

Link said, "It's very interesting with this program that not only was Cherie recognized, but the front cover of the brochure from the conference featured a photo of one of our former students with President Bush."

Larry Jones, assistant principal, said, "We're just very proud of her and hope that she will use her art skills."