Mardi Gras Party Planned to Pay for July 4 Fireworks

Mardi Gras Party Planned to Pay for July 4 Fireworks

Friends of the Fireworks, a new organization formed under the umbrella of Brogue Charities, wants to be sure the traditional community fireworks display continues on July 4.

After Jan Hill and Darcy Weaver, members of the Great Falls Newcomers, became aware that Kearney was paying for the annual fireworks display himself, they volunteered to plan a Mardi Gras fundraiser to help.

“Mike really does foot most of the bill himself,” Weaver said. “It was a great incentive to step up and try to help him.

“We are tied in with the whole Friends of the Fireworks committee.

We are trying to get $40,000 as an annuity for at least four years, so we don’t have to have these events every year.”

The Friends of the Fireworks hope to raise $40,000 to serve as a fund to continue the fireworks for at least four more years, Weaver said.

At a planning meeting on Tuesday, Kearney, Hill, Weaver, and five members of a fundraising committee sat down to finalize details for a Feb. 28 Mardi Gras celebration with Hill and Weaver as the co-chairs. The “creative black tie” event is scheduled from 7 p.m. to midnight on Saturday, Feb. 28, at River Bend Country Club in Great Falls.

Zydeco music will be provided by the Zydecats, with Jon Paul of MegaWatt serving as a DJ when the band is on break.

A trip to Ireland for two, donated by Brogue Charities, will be offered in a live auction, Weaver said.

An electric generator, a prized possession in Great Falls where power outages are relatively common, and a trip to the Greenbrier Resort will also be auctioned. Adeler Jewelers will also donate a unique piece of jewelry to be auctioned.

Invitations are available by calling (703) 759-6321; Weaver said to leave an address and an invitation will be mailed.

Attendance, including dancing and a buffet dinner, is $125 per person, $50 of it tax-deductible.