Entering Office

Entering Office

City of Fairfax mayor, the City Council and the School Board were recently sworn in.

City of Fairfax Mayor Robert F. Lederer was sworn into office for his second term on Monday, July 1, at City Hall.

Lederer spoke of striving to preserve the small-town atmosphere and character of the City of Fairfax, as well as stating that over the last two years, Fairfax City has provided outstanding services with "the lowest tax rate by far in Northern Virginia."

In addition to Lederer, the City Council and School Board were also sworn in for the City of Fairfax. All members have served previously, with the exception of Julie Knight, who is newly elected to the School Board.

Issues discussed by many of the members were the renovation of Fairfax High School and Lanier Middle School, as well as the renovation of downtown Fairfax.

Councilman Jeff Greenfield said the reconstruction of downtown will show citizens more city-generated construction than they have seen in a long time. This construction began Saturday, July 3, with the tearing down of the old post office on Chain Bridge Road.

<sh>Sworn-in Officials


<cal2>Robert F. Lederer

<cal1>City Council

<cal2>Joan W. Cross

Jeffrey C, Greenfield

Gail C. Lyon

Gary J. Rasmussen

R. Scott Silverthorne

Patrice M. Winter

<cal1>School Board

<cal2>Allen C. Griffith

Julie A. Knight

Janice B. Miller

Courtney R. Robinson

Penelope A. Rood