Students in Cooking Class Go Straight to the Source

Students in Cooking Class Go Straight to the Source

Session of class held on site at GreenSpace Unlimited.

Lanette Doran likes to use fresh ingredients for her cooking class. So, to make sure that things are fresh, she goes right to the source. A week-long cooking class for children this past week had them venturing to the Mount Vernon Farmer's Market and GreenSpace Unlimited.

At GreenSpace Unlimited, the students heard an introduction from a GreenSpace Unlimited employee about herbs and then they smelled some mint, lavender, oregano and basil. Later, they would go around and try to find some of the herbs; and at the end of the class, they each went home with a potted herb.

On the menu for their day at GreenSpace Unlimited was basil pesto and penne with aubergine and mint pesto. Two different sessions gave children ages 6 to 8, and 9 to 12, an opportunity to learn more about fresh herbs and vegetables and how to eat healthy.

"They adored the behind-the-scenes pastry tour, were wide-eyed at the Farmer's Market, and went home and made their own pesto after the Garden Center," Doran said.

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<1b>—Gale Curcio