Forestville Elementary School

Grades: K-6

First opened: 1980

Enrollment: 850

Principal: Matt C. Harris

PTA president: Amy Thompson

Special programs: gifted and talented school-based, special education

Cluster: I

Web site: www.fcps.edu/ForestvilleES

Address: 1085 Utterback Store Road, Great Falls,


Great Falls Elementary School

Grades: K-6.

Enrollment: 670

Principal: Dorothy Clark

PTA president: Darius Unwalla

Cluster: I

Web site: www.fcps.edu/GreatFallsES

Address: 701 Walker Road, Great Falls,


Colvin Run Elementary School

Grades: K-6

First opened: 2002

Enrollment: 680

Principal: Sandra Furick

PTA president: Jan Pascoe

Special programs: gifted and talented program

Cluster: I

Web site: www.fcps.edu/colvinrunes

Address: 1400 Trap Road, Vienna, VA 22182, 703-757-3000

Cooper Middle School

Grades: 7-8

First opened: 1962

Enrollment: 900

Principal: Arlene Randall - Arlene.Randall@fcps.edu

PTA president: Lucy Moore

Special programs: Japanese immersion, autism program, gifted and talented school-based

Cluster: I

Web site: www.fcps.edu/CooperMS

Address: 977 Balls Hill Road, McLean, 703-442-5800.

Guidance: 703-442-5812

Langley High School

Grades: 9-12

First opened: 1965

Enrollment: 1,900

Principal: William Clendaniel

PTA presidents: Patty Gartenhaus-Bachner and Demetra Matthews

Special programs: business/school partnership with PRC/Litton Corp.; peer tutoring program; block scheduling two days per week; education and cultural exchange program with Russia, Germany and England (Oxford University); autism program; ESOL; special education

Cluster: I

Web site: www.fcps.edu/LangleyHS

Address: 6520 Georgetown Pike, McLean, 703-287-2700

SAT Verbal average: 587

Math average: 614

AYP reading: 98.2 percent

AYP math: 92.6 percent

Economically disadvantaged: 0.7 percent

Limited English proficiency: 1.8 percent

Students with disabilities: 11.5 percent

White: 77.8 percent

Black: 2 percent

Hispanic: 2.9 percent

Asian/Pacific Islander: 15.7 percent

McLean High School

Grades: 9-12

First opened: 1955

Enrollment: 1,600

Principal: Paul Wardinsky

PTA president: Nadja Golding

Special programs: fashion marketing course, block scheduling, School Renewal Council, ESOL, special education

Cluster: I

Web site: www.fcps.edu/McLeanHS

Address: 1633 Davidson Road, McLean, 703-714-5700

SAT verbal average: 557

Math average: 603

AYP reading: 93.1 percent

AYP math: 88.7 percent

Economically disadvantaged: 6.8 percent

Limited English proficiency: 6.2 percent

Students with disabilities: 11.9 percent

White: 69.3 percent

Black: 2.9 percent

Hispanic: 8.2 percent

Asian/Pacific Islander: 17.8 percent