New Traffic Light Not Functional In Time

New Traffic Light Not Functional In Time

At the intersection of Morrissette Drive and Rolling Road, the new traffic lights are in place, but they're still covered with plastic. This was unfortunate for motorcyclist Joseph Eley, who was riding on Rolling Road when Daniel Barojas pulled out from Morrissette in front of Eley, sending him to the pavement on Rolling Road.

The accident took place on Thursday, July 15, around 11 a.m., and resulted in non-life-threatening injuries to Eley, who was treated at Inova Fairfax and released. Barojas was charged with failure to yield the right of way on a left turn by Officer Tom Champ of the Fairfax County Police Department.

According to Ryan Hall, spokesperson for the Virginia Department of Transportation, the contractor's installation started on June 9 and was completed on the lights at that time.

"The contractor has to request VDOT [Virginia Department of Transportation] to do its final inspection," Hall said. "The signal should be done relatively quick at that time."

Officer S.C. Martin was also on the scene of the accident.

"That's why the traffic light is going in, too many accidents," Martin said.

The motorcycle Eley was driving was an antique Indian motorcycle which, like its owner, was banged up.