Second Arrest In Egging

Second Arrest In Egging

City Councilwoman's son has been arrested and charged with destruction of property.

Samuel Woodson, IV, the son of Alexandria City Councilwoman Joyce Woodson, has been arrested and charged with destruction of property for allegedly egging the home of a critic of the Alexandria School Board.

Woodson, 18, was arrested and released on a summons to appear in court later this month. He is the second person to be arrested in this incident. Earlier last week, James Luby Jr., the son of School Board member, Melissa Luby, was charged with destruction of property. Woodson and Luby were classmates at T. C. Williams High School. Melissa Luby served as Woodson's aide for one year during her first term in office.

The egging incident occurred on July 2, at around 3:30 a.m. Jim Boissonault spoke at the July 1 School Board meeting about the petition to remove Melissa Luby from office and about ethics complaints that he has filed against School Board members. Three men came to his house and threw eggs at his seven-year-old daughter's window. Boissonault was awake and was able to identify Luby.

"This was never about the eggs," Boissonault said. "It was about the fact that the eggs were thrown in retaliation for my speaking out and exercising my democratic rights."

BOISSONAULT IS GRATEFUL to police for their response. "I understand that this is not the biggest crime that occurred in Alexandria," he said. "However, it was frightening for me and my family and I am very grateful to the police for handling this whole incident in such a professional manner."

In addition to the destruction of property charge, Woodson is facing a charge of driving on a suspended license from May of this year. He failed to appear in court in that matter and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. Police arrested him on that warrant on July 5.

Luby was arrested on June 16 for being drunk in public.

Destruction of property is a class 3 misdemeanor and carries a fine of up to $500.