Town Council Notebook

Town Council Notebook

Two-Story Building Approved

The Town Council approved, 6-1, the Sunset Business Park Phase II site plan. The approved resolution said the plan permits a 37,430 square foot, two-story office building to be located at 459, 461 and 463 Herndon Parkway, which is zoned industrial general. The council discussed the cul-de-sac that will be located as an entrance and exit point for the office building, voicing concerns about its structure and potential traffic problems. The designer of the plan said the cul-de-sac will be structure more like a round-a-bout, with a required right turn lane, a raised brick sidewalk area that larger delivery trucks will be able to drive up on if needed, and a landscaped middle that will tie together the architecture and create green space. Councilman Dennis Husch voted against the resolution, saying he thought some of the plan looked like it had been done in the "11th hour."

Business Gains Permit

The Town Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution granting Access Office Supply, located at 1043 Sterling Road, Suite 102, a conditional use permit. The business is located in a C-O district. The council granted the resolution under two conditions, that all deliveries in and out of the business be made by the applicant and the applicant's main supplier be made on the side of the building to reduce traffic back-ups on Sterling Road, and that no vehicles with advertisements for the business are allowed to park in front of the building, between the building and Sterling Road.

Telecommunications Franchise Renewed

The Town Council approved an ordinance granting a 10-year telecommunications franchise to XO Virginia, LLC, located at 11111 Sunset Hills Road, Reston. The ordinance is a renewal of an existing franchise from March 1999, that allows XO Virginia to use the town's streets and public places for the location of underground telecommunications facilities. A representative for the company was there to confirm the company, which serves 46 customers in the town, has no future plans to expand underground, which was a concern voiced by council at the July 6 meeting.

Ordinance on Storm Drainage

The Town Council unanimously approved an ordinance that amended an article in the Herndon Town Code (2000) to update the definition and penalties related to storm drainage so that it will meet the federal and state requirements that are related to the Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit Regulations. Although the council approved the amendment, because they were under pressure to meet an Aug. 1 deadline, they set a September or October time frame to further discuss town issues regarding fining residents for illegal storm drainage use.

Police Unit's Lease Extended

The Town Council voted 6-1 to approve an extension of a lease for the Herndon Police Crime Investigation unit to remain at 150 Elden Street until construction is completed at the 397 Herndon Parkway facility. The lease will be $1,902 for the month of July, and then increase by $200, to $2,109 for August 2004 through March 2005. The new facility is not projected to be available for move in until December 2004/January 2005.

Funding Re-allocation

The Town Council voted to approve using the remaining money left in the fiscal year 2004 budget in the 2005 budget to complete the projects and activities that were projected to be completed but were not by the end of the fiscal year. The left-over funds will be added to the 2005 budget to help complete those tasks and projects. The council approved the resolution with four votes; there was on abstention by council member Ann Null and a disqualification vote by Vice Mayor Darryl Smith because he is currently employed by the town and has a conflict of interest.

O'Reilly Re-appointed to Regional Commission

The Town Council voted to re-appoint Mayor Michael O'Reilly to another two-year term as a member of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission. It also confirmed the appointment of councilman Harlon Reece as the Town of Herndon representative on the Committee for Dulles Board of Directors.

Council members also approved the appointment of resident Ralph Beard to the Herndon Planning Commission for a four-year term that will expire July 31, 2008. They deferred the appointment of a resident to the Architectural Review Board/Heritage Preservation Review Board for a seven-year term until August, but appointed Kevin East to the Architectural Review Board/Heritage Preservation Board for a three-year term expiring Aug. 31, 2007.

Traffic Signal Project Update

The town's Department of Public Works released a report updating the status of the town's Traffic Signal Project.

In July 1992, the Town Council entered into an agreement with the Virginia Department of Transportation to install a computer traffic control system. The system was proposed to help the town's traffic signal personnel monitor and work with adjusting the town's traffic signal system.

The project's construction, administered by the VDOT and run and reviewed by the town staff, was funded by federal participation in the form of a Construction Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant for $601,000 and town funds of $125,000.

The traffic signal project is set up to unite all of the major intersections and congested areas of the town, so that traffic control personnel can monitor areas of congestion through the wireless radio systems and antennas that are located at individual intersections.

By being able to monitor the traffic flow at each intersection, traffic operations personnel are able to remotely control traffic signals from the control center at the Town Shop, located on Sterling Road. In case of an emergency or construction delays, personnel can make the appropriate changes to individual signals, allowing traffic flow to even out without having to reprogram all the intersections.

The system also allows for a quicker response to light outages and signals when traffic lights go into flash mode, alerting personnel immediately when something breaks down.

The town has applied for and received another CMAQ grant for further analysis of traffic signal timings. The report states specifically the analysis will target the heavy boundary corridors like east and south Elden Street.