Work Ahead for Clark's Crossing

Work Ahead for Clark's Crossing

County will improve park near Town of Vienna.

Tina Amin of Vienna goes to Clark's Crossing Park often. Her son, who plays in Vienna Youth Soccer, has games on the park's soccer fields. On Sunday afternoons, Amin's husband and her son play in informal pickup soccer games that go on at the park.

Amin approved of proposed improvements to the park, saying that the fields, which she described as "gorgeous," are popular on weekends and holidays for impromptu games by area residents.

"I know that the adults really look forward to coming out here," Amin said. "I think if they can improve [the park], it'd be great for the travel teams."

The Fairfax County Park Authority is improving access to the Vienna park with some construction scheduled to begin in the next few weeks. Included in the project are the construction of a 15-space parking lot near the existing parking lot on Clark's Crossing Road; installation of a storm drainage system; and construction of a curb, gutter and asphalt pavement for the street and cul-de-sac.

A 5-foot concrete sidewalk will also be added, as well as a split rail fence and a gate and bollards. The sidewalk will be on the south side of Clark's Crossing Road, according to Park Authority project manager Jim Duncan.

Costs for the construction are estimated at $260,000, and December 2004 is the slated completion date. Contractor for the construction is Rustler Construction Inc.

The improvements will do "real well, in the long run," thought John Elam of Fairfax, who was watching Sunday's impromptu soccer game.

The park, which straddles the Washington & Old Dominion Trail, features not only soccer fields but an equestrian area. Its approximately 143 acres are accessible through the trail and through Clark's Crossing Road. The park's street address is 9850 Clark's Crossing Road.